Tuesday, 16 August 2011

challenging life...

life at university and life at secondary school is two different thing...
for me, life at university is more challenging compare to my life while in secondary
school.we look normal and happy. but sometimes there are 'something' inside that
others don't know.it,s  hurt to take and also hard to tell another..
sometimes you can  fell confuse about yourself. but for me, it is a normal because by
this time we are trying to find about ourself. who is me? what is me? what i,m going to be?
but remember, don't let's other people effect your decision. try to make your own
decision. sometimes it,s hard to make other person always happy with your
decision. some people like while some people not. it,s really hard to say.
and also hard to do.. but we have to do. be what ever you are, just be yourself as long
that your going to do does not give a bad effect to another person.
do not quickly devastated. be calm and you will get the result.
don,t simply trust people around us because all we can,t read what actually inside
other person heart. this is call a real life.. our real life start now.
we, have to make our own desicion for oor own life.
not like while we in school. all thing is given to us. nothing to
worried. remember,if we fail to plan, we are plan to fail.
so, carefully plan your life. make everybody around you proud of you.
make your parents feel proud to have a son/daughter like you.
make your younger sister/brother feel proud to have sister/brother like you.
make your friends proud to have a friend like you.
remember,it,s all in your hand. you make your own life.
last but not lease, remember what ever you are allah is always by your side.

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